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Vikas Arora, born in Feb 1984 in Kanpur, has been brought up in a little conservative family who always aspire to do better in life and successful at certain things which are being dreamed by every individual's parents.
The schooling of Vikas has been completed from Kendriya Vidhalaya No-2, Armapur ,Kanpur in 1999. After this Vikas completed his master degree in the year 2007.

Vikas started his professional career as a SAP Consultant in 2008 and currently Working as a Sr.IT-MANAGER and worked in ERP,SERVER,ORACLE 8.0,9.0,SQL-2000,
SQl-2000,2008,SAP,VPN,NETWORKING,MICROPROCESSOR 8085-8086,Visual Basic,HTML.And in the year 2009 Vikas started managing a team of developers in the ERP and software Development as well as IT Support (SERVER,DATABASE,VPN,NETWORKING,RF).
Additionally, Vikas is a certified consultant in SAP & web developer.